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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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their way to houston, texas. the team taking on oklahoma saturday with the winner earning the right to play for the national championship. nbc 10's rosemary connors live on the villanova campus. the team's already on its way. now the challenge for what students to get there, too. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of them planning to go friday. many of them will travel by plane. certainly got them revved up for the big game saturday. >> reporter: the thrill of a final four swept over the crowd as they sent off their wildcats with cheers of joy and hope. fans couldn't help but roar when the seniors especially daniel and ryan made their way to the bus. >> parents here, this is it, now or never. >> reporter: leave it on the court. >> exactly. >> reporter: alumni took the opportunity to wish the team well on their way to houston. they're a devoted bunch, superstition and all. >> got villanova, you know, attire. >> reporter: seemed like a good
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luck charm? >> definitely. >> the villanova spirit and the traditions and education that we received here and young people are receiving today is just second to none. >> reporter: the university will be in the national spotlight this weekend and the school community is beaming with pride. now it's just a matter of beating oklahoma after a brutal loss in december. >> it's going to be a completely different game, i hope. but hopefully we get a lot better. >> coach optimistic. fans optimistic talking about villanova's chances against oklahoma for the ones who can't be in houston, there will be plenty of watch parties here on campus on saturday. hopefully on monday. reporting live from villanova's campus, rosemary connors nbc 10 news. >> villanova's women player representing as well. she won't be playing in the game. deanna durante will explain at
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6:15. to this right now. 6:00, a teenager's secret 911 call telling police her aunt hit a high school student near a fast-food restaurant, and then drove away. >> i'm the owner of the car, i wasn't driving but the person that was driving hit someone. >> okay. they hit someone like a person? or a vehicle? >> yes. a person. >> investigators say that person who died was 16-year-old turner. the teenager wmade that call tod the dispatcher her aunt susan highland was trying to hide evidence. cydney long live with more from the 911 call that helped police make an arrest. >> reporter: well, i spoke to the 911 operators here at call center within the last 90
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minutes and they consider the teenage niece who made this call courageous, yes calm but information she provided critical after witnessing an alleged crime. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> hello. >> i was a passenger in an accident and in a hit run. >> you were a passenger in a hit-and-run where? >> reporter: hiding in a bathroom, susan highland's niece, just 19, speaks softly. >> i'm the owner of the car, i want driving, but the person that was driving hit someone. >> once the caller realized she was trying to be quiet, not heard you're in another mood, you know what to do, you know questions to ask, how not to ask them, so she doesn't get found. >> reporter: operations captain at camden county 911 says it was apparent the caller had no idea where she was. >> i'm not sure where i'm at. it was a black corolla, she's
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trying to hide the evidence. i'm not sure where i'm at. >> they click on a button, tries to retransmit the cell phone's location. >> reporter: police trying to save turner, on the side of route 130 -- >> they were actively looking for that car, going to other locations. still looking for it when she called. >> reporter: dispatchers worked behind the scenes working on gps technology to track the call. >> the person who did it? >> susan highland. >> she definitely hit the pedestrian? >> yes. >> and pennsauken, right? was it near a burger king? >> yes. >> reporter: it showed them a three-block radius at 29th and clinton, highland tried to escape from a back door. >> officers immediately went out and with good police work able to locate the car quickly and apprehend the female involved in the accident. >> reporter: we did try to reach
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out to the young caller today who lives in central pennsylvania, but she did not answer her phone or text messages. she did not return our calls. live i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00, a judge has delayed bill cosby's testimony in a sexual battery lawsuit in california until the comedian resolves his case here. cosby forced her to perform a sect october on him in 1974. she was 15 at the time. the case is on hold because of appeals. the los angeles judge is allowing attorneys to depose potential witnesses in the california case. now to decision 2016. more controversial comments from donald trump tonight. this time, about abortion. take a look at an exchange between trump and msnbc's chris matthews late when matthews asked trump what should happen if abortion were to become
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illegal. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle. >> the answer there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> why not? >> just in the last 30 minutes his campaign release a statement backing off statements. the doctor or any other person performing the illegal act upon the woman would be held illegally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim, as is the life in her womb. nbc "nightly news" will have more on the latest controversy surrounding the presidential candidate. coming up at 6:30. you may have noticed a slew of new political ads hoping to sway your. for rate in the attorney general. d.a. john morgan nellie, commissioner josh shapiro and
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d.a. steven zappala jr. president obama endorsed josh shapiro for the job. the president touted shapiro's strong record of standing up for pennsylvania families. >> it's even more rare for him to engage in a state race, not a federal race. so early on here in a primary. >> shapiro's seeking to replace kathleen kane, who is not seeking re-election, november. attorney general joe peters and senator john rafferty will battle it out for the nomination. all three democratic candidates will debate here in our nbc 10 studios a week from tomorrow. traity davidson will be a moderator. president obama and vice president bide aren't throwing their support behind another pennsylvania democrat running for u.s. senate. katie mcginty one of four candidates vying for the
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nomination. the president calls mcginty a true champion for working families. mayor john fedderman, former congressman joe sestak and a business owner running. unseating pat toomey is crucial in the quest to retake the senate. 245,000 pennsylvania voters switched their party affiliation. that's 3% of all voters in the state. this year was the first year voters could switch their party affiliation online. pennsylvania's deadline to register to vote in the primary was monday. voters in pennsylvania and delaware will head to polls april 26th. new jersey holds its prime mar june 7th. >> with the clock ticking atlantic city urged the people to call on lawmakers in trenton and voice opposition to the plan. state wants to take over the
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finances of the struggling resort town. atlantic city leaders admit help is needed but not if it means state would strip a.c. of its sovereignty and allow assets like the water utility to be privatiz privatized. leaders want residents to have their voices heard. >> nothing like hearing from the voigts and mouths of the people affected most. >> our independence to govern locally is at stake. >> atlantic city will run out of money next friday without help from the state. municipal workers voted on a plan that would pay them every four week to help avoid a shut down. governor christie will only agree it a loan if it comes with a state takeover. two lawmakers made their pitch today. speaking in front of the liberty bell, bob casey and chris coons said judge mer rick garland deserves an up or down vote.
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most republicans refused to meet and say a vote will not happen. >> both decisions are contrary to the united states constitution. >> it is my hope that all 100 senators will take our responsibility under the constitution as seriously and that all 100 will do their job. >> coons said the senate judiciary committee has had a vote on investor nominee in the past 100 years. someone intentionally set fire to the trailer park in new castle county yesterday. we first reported the fire yesterday as breaking news. several homes burned down in the trailer park in newark. state fire marshalle tells us it was fifth fire in the past year. part of the neighborhood is set to be redevelop but neighbors just want the trailers bulldozed. >> everything's vacant. tear it down, get rid of it.
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what are they waiting for? >> firefighters say big dumpsters and other items in the streets made it hard to navigate trucks to the fires. a lawyer for the complex did not return our calls today. a chance for leresidents to talk about crime. members of city council holding a public meeting at kirk middle school on brennan drive. residents will be able to talk about any issues facing their community. the meeting will focus on youth service programs. >> she's worked for the men's basketball. she plays for the women's team. and a villanova junior's representing them all on the court saturday night. but she's not playing the game. find out her story ahead. 70s going to return tomorrow. but for how long? tracking a roller coaster ride in temperatures. plus april showers on the way. exclusive to nbc 10 first alert forecast. battle over beachfront property at jersey shore.
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who the judge is siding with over building protective sand dunes new next.
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new jersey governor christie said his administration will issue 500 rental vouchers to reduce homelessness.
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it takes people from shelters and puts into housing. it will cost the state more than $5 million. all right. villanova on its way to houston for the ncaa men's final four. one player on the women's team will be representing on the court but won't be playing in the game. a story all new at 6:00. >> this has been a crazy 124 hours. >> reporter: hard to imagine what all carly does she has time to go to class the former miss pittman is a public relations major, plays women's basketball. >> i had a unique opportunity i worked for the men's team. i have been singing my entire life. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: there's that. with all she does, carly isn't playing. she will be one of four singers taking the stage before the final four saturday night. ♪ what so proudly we hail
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>> reporter: along with athletes they'll join on the court to sing the national anthem. >> it's a bucket list item. i'm very, very excited at opportunity. >> reporter: carly found out yesterday she'll be joining the team at final four. she showed up to send off the team. her mom said can i go, too? she said sure. she'll be singing the national an tem with players from all all schools representing the final four. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> plenty of clamor about the cats at this establishment in montgomery county. local sportswriters are hosting a radio show featuring all things villanova. among highlights, interview with nova's legendary coach. stay with nbc so for coverage of villanova's march to victory. keith and matt, live reports
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starting tomorrow. if you can't wait, john clark live in houston coming up in sports at 6:25. watch our 30 minute special "villanova:mar to victory" friday night. get the flavor of houston 7:00 p.m. friday. new here at 6:00, a judge saids with new jersey in the dune war. a jay-z sa judge said the environmental protect can seize property at ploi point pleasant beach. they negotiated properly with the onwners offering low-ball compensation for the land. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> that was a great day to get outside and walk the streets at
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center city. nbc 10, 16th and locust in friend of st. mark's church. a lot of blue skies, sunshine, and not much wind. what a change from what we've seen over the last couple of days. the wind is picking up and it's going to be bringing in the warm air, 70s returning tomorrow. then showers and thunderstorms coming in on friday. and by the end of the weekend, cold blast moving in. a lot of stuff going on here with the weather over the next few days. you can see all of the blue in the sky now. wind picking up a bit. south at 15 miles an hour. temperature 58. that's as warm as it's gotten after 70 on monday. 59 yesterday. 58 for the high today. look what happens over the next two days. 72 thursday. 78 on friday. couple spots could touch 80 degrees. tonight, temperatures -- it
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doesn't move very much. may drop a couple of degrees this evening but levels off or goes up as we head toward the morning rush. look at that, 52 degrees, 7:00 a.m. it was in the 20s in much of the area this morning. reason, the wind is coming out of the south. that's bringing up warmer air. and the wind is increasing now, 10 to 10 20 miles an hour as opposed to 0 to 5 that we saw this morning. 58 fairly average temperature for us right now. but look back to the west. 70 cincinnati. 75 in nashville. and so that air's coming in here tomorrow with southwest winds. so plenty of warm air to come in here. we've got clear skies, sunshine today. but clouds are getting closer. here come the showers, too. starting to get into ohio. they're not bothering us tonight or during the day tomorrow. there's tomorrow night. we're just starting to see some
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showers. here we go friday morning for the rush could be showers, even thunderstorms move through. then a break. sunshine pushed temperature way up. and then we might get showers and storms for afternoon rush friday. then the question is, how far south does that stuff go? it might stall and produce rain especially delaware and south jersey saturday. clear, not as cold tonight. 45 for the low in philadelphia. 39 north and west. tomorrow, well, we're going to see tremendous difference. temperatures in the 70s with wind and it's dry during the day. showers and storms come in friday. a chance of that rain lingering in southern sections saturday. and then cold and very windy on sunday. what a change. and it stays chilly through much of next week. i'm danny pommells. can the flyers hang with the
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best team in hockey? match upwith the capitals. hear from villanova as cats are houston-bound.
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this is sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> dan pommells. villanova on their way to houston for the final four. when they get there, john clark will be waiting for them. john, what do you have from houston? >> hey, danny, villanova, they're in the air right now, they're arriving here at the team hotel soon. and they are going to really, really start feeling the final four here in houston. take a look at send-off today on
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villanova's campus. around a thousand villanova fans and alums are there to send them off. and how about this, the winningest senior class in villanova history, ryan and danny, they kissed the villanova court. this is the last time they would be on the villanova court today. and listen to their head coach jay wright and ryan talking about their good-bye to villanova's court. >> it was something daniel just thought of as soon as we broke down. we were done practicing. daniel's like we've got to kiss the v. >> what about the picture of daniel and ryan kissing the v after practice? z>> i -- i can't talk. that's why i'm wearing glasses. >> jay wright emotional.
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take a look at team hotel. they're going to see themselves when they arrive here. jay wright says it's something you can't prepare for. bigger than you can imagine. jay wright's second trip to the final four. for players it's their first. he's going to do some things differently as far as how much time he givs to family and media to have these kids focussing on their task at home, oklahoma and the final four. we'll have the team arriving here at and 11:00 tonight. >> thank you. that's sports. i'm danny pommells. so how old is the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania? i don't have enough fingers ben! ok gus, make a wish! that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?!
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got up to 58 today. look at jump in temperatures for thursday and friday. but then look at the drop between friday and sunday. got big changes. showers and storms on friday. by sunday, we've got a cold blast. next week is going to be colder than this week. >> roller coaster continues. >> for a while. >> for glenn and all of us here
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at nbc 10, i'm jim rosenfield. news continues with nbc "nightly news." breaking news tonight. trump's abortion bombshell on msnbc. calling not only for a ban on abortion but saying women should be punished for having one in it's outlawed. tonight pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates slamming him, and late today trump with a rare reversal. violent night. aajor outbreak of severe weather injuring tens of millions. tornado warnings and flash floods sweeping across the country. hospitals held hostage. filled with patients and paralyzing by hackers creating chaos, demanding ransom to gain back control. tonight another hospital giant hit. and headlights spri surprise. how well do the lights on your car work? you may be stunned by many of the most popular cars on the


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